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Chicken Breast Fillet
Chicken Breast Fillet
Stuffed Chicken Parcel
Stuffed Chicken Parcel
Whole Stuffed Chicken
Whole Stuffed Chicken



All whole chickens that we sell are Higher Welfare Farm Assured English poultry and the vast majority of other chicken we sell is from British producers. Only when demand threatens this supply will we buy EU sourced chicken that we then trim to our specific needs. We can supply fresh Halal and Red Tractor Farm Assured Poultry on request. (Under no circumstances do we buy water or saline injected chicken.)

We produce lots of ready to cook chicken products ranging from our popular whole boned, rolled and stuffed chickens with crackling on top, to chicken kievs and sausages. All our meat can be marinaded in one of over 14 marinades at no extra cost and we can provide items to your specific requirement such as kebabs and goujons etc. 




The turkey we sell throughout the year is sourced from Grove Smith Turkeys, a family run producer in Essex. They not only supply the finest Farm Fresh white Turkey, but they also produce the grain they are fed on.

Our Christmas turkeys are always Suffolk Bronze standard turkeys and supplied by Cavendish Poultry. They are of the highest standard and deliver taste and quality year on year.

We produce fresh turkey mince and ready to cook products such as stuffed, boned and rolled turkey joints on request. 





The eggs we stock in our shop are produced from the new EEC controlled enriched cage system, but we can supply Free Range eggs in large quantities on request.





Gressingham Fine Foods in Suffolk produce whole English ducks for us and and can supply English duck breasts on request. 

We also stock EU sourced whole ducks and breasts, and French duck legs, most of which are supplied frozen.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements.